In 1990 Pharm agent, with 30 years of experience behind it as a sourcing agent for active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, changed its name in Hemsi, Spier & Future. In 60 years of history we have collaborated with the most prestigious chemical-pharmaceutical companies in the world(*) often since the birth of the companies.

Competence, reliability, transparency and human contact are the qualities that have allowed us over the years to cooperate as partners with hundreds of companies in over 70 countries around the world.

On these bases we have given life in the last decade to a new profuse commitment in the branch of supplements with products of natural origin. A growing market and increasingly related to the world of drugs. A well-known founder of two of the most important generics companies in the world asked us in the 90s “Who is Mr. Future?”.


Today we would reply him that it is our vision of the future, the will to evolve as well as of encouraging the growth of our friends by replicating what has already been done in the past. It is with this in mind that we are ready to measure ourselves with the future, aware that we can always be an added value.


(*) only a few examples: Mylan, Merck Generics, Teva, Arrow Generics, Sanofi, Sun Pharma, Cipla, Cadila, Apotex, Aspen, Recordati, Zambon, Fidia, Menarini, Piam, etc …